Kabir Ali

Analyst in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I'm a finance grad with a love for technology, entrepreneurship, and business development. Curious by nature, I enjoy working on complex problems, questioning the norm, and getting things done through collaboration. Ultimately, I want to be surrounded by those who are passionate about their work and share the desire to continually learn and grow.

Aside from working in finance, my most notable post-undergrad accomplishment to date has been helping establish a local catering startup. As someone who enjoys learning and wearing multiple hats, the challenges of a startup appealed to me. It's a platform through which I was able to apply my passion for problem solving and thinking outside the box. My brief journey as an entrepreneur has taught me many invaluable lessons, but the most important is that it's okay to fail; it's a necessary step towards progress.

On a more personal note, my favourite TV shows are: Seinfeld, Arrested Development, the Office, and Game of Thrones. If you also enjoy these shows, then we should definitely chat :)

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