~ Maria Ali ~

I just love creative design in every way. There is a level of satisfaction that can barely be compared to when creating something from scratch, especially one that you know is really pushing your skills to new levels.

While I love all the other skills that I offer, nothing else fulfills me as much as creating designs that satisfy each and every client. I love to see a person's face light up upon seeing something they dreamed of transformed into reality, its fantastic, and makes every last second of effort worth it.

I offer a selection of services under the banner "Couturier", from basic alterations (hemming pants, changing zippers etc) to creating unique designs to meet my customers desires (sewing curtains, pillow cases, dressmaking etc). My 3 daughters are the finickiest of customers, they make sure I am on top of my game and up to date on the latest.

Due to the time involved with couture, the prices for these services quite often vary. Simpler items can be costed but most items need to be seen, felt and discussed to come to an agreed price.

Come see me at :

Classy Cleaners (Formerly Couturier Maria - Cote Des Neiges)

5480 Queen Mary (west of the Decari just below the flower shop on the corner)

Cell: 514-482-2131