Ali Mahmoud Ali

10th of Ramadan city, Egypt

I’ve almost 4 years’ of solid experience in the HR Field (Recruitment & training, Personnel, Social Insurance, Medical Insurance, Training, Compensation & benefits); also I’ve an extensive experience in headhunting & recruitment methods with wide range of expertise in both industrial and trade companies. My diversified experience gave me the opportunity to be aware of all the HR functions practical & theoretical wise which in turn gave me the advantage to have a Senior & Managerial level in the past two years. During my career I had the opportunity to reach one of my achievements that I’m proud of in Newpressdan for Printing my current employer as I succeeded in four months ONLY to have an approval from the top management & directors on organization chart and compensation & benefits plan which affects the employees in a positive way & increased their productivity. I’m a self-reliable person & always eager to learn more as learning curve has no end.

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