Alina Alam

A Junior year Software Engineering student at SEECS, NUST and currently an Intern at PLUMGrid.

WHO AM I? I am a casual, fun-loving, extrovert, friendly girl with a tinge of madness. I love to read and I love to code. My interests include music, rain and annoying people. Dresses, shoes, bags and chocolates are my ever best friends.

WHY AM I EXCITED FOR THE STC? I am excited about the STC for a gazillion reasons. First of all, I would get to meet my fellow PMFs which would be a huge treat. Next, the STC would help me in becoming a better person, a better me. I look forward to becoming a good leader, a person who can engage people and lead the whole hub, a person who can work with differences, versatility and diversity.

Oh! And I am also excited about visiting Virginia :p