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Alina Akhyar

Alina Akhyar

Ronaq-e-Qainaat was founded when Alina Akhyar was just regular a student and wanted her life to be more meaningful. While people were running out of places to find peace in this world, she finally found HER peace in helping people. What started as a small scale group collecting funds from class mates and colleagues has now flourished into something much more worthwhile.

Alina Akhyar graduated as a Doctor from Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi but Ronaq-e-Qainaat was and is a truly commendable effort on her and her best friend's Khudaija Nadeem's part in helping HEAL SPIRITS & SOULS!!

Ronaq-e-Qainaat is a philanthropic organization focused on addressing the overlooked sects of our deprived society. The team of RQ is hell bent on redirecting our youths to a course of academic opportunity and economic progression generally.

Dr Alina Akhyar as the CEO/Founder is working to strengthen the community through various development projects by fostering self- reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustained opportunities and available resources. Through Ronaq-e-Qainaat she and Khudaija have been working for the betterment of the marginalized community and OUR nation at large.

Dr. Alina Akhyar has been featured in Lancet Blogs,The Pakistan Observer, Tribune & Jang as a VERY dedicated youth activist who is truly driving her soul to make a real difference. She not only won the WWF Nature Carnival twice but is also the winner of International UNESCO Peace Award PPAI 2000. Also is an active member of "Global Visions" project sponsored by WFSF in collaboration with UNESCO. Alina also was a integral part of Student Volunteer RCEI-Roots Community Empowerment Initiatives.

She aspires' to reinforce the fabric of our society by trying to offer stability to the deserving members of our society. She is true a "rising" hope, and trust of the suffering - converting the pains into smiles.