alina joe

United Kingdom, London

The ultimate goal of pursuing college courses is to secure a good career. Students are aligned to different careers. There are so many careers in the world but there are those that stand out. It doesn’t mean they are the best but every student aspires to pursue one. However that changes when high school results come out. They change their orientation for good. Medicine is a top career. Students dream of become medical practitioners such as nurses, surgeons, doctors and psychologists to help solve human health problems. Medics save lives and give people reasons to live for a better tomorrow.

A student who doesn’t write the best essay in class may be good in the field. Sport has become a great topic career for many. It has carved its own niche in the world arena. No wonder major media companies give special attention to Olympics, world cup and the season championship games that are there in the world today. Students are given playgrounds and relevant equipment to develop their skills. Law is also a great career for those students with utmost persuasion skills. Lawyers are great campaigners for justice. Some people call them legal thieves because of their ability to argue cases where truth is known; jury rules in their favor.

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