Al B. Linsangan III

Photo Expeditions Ecoguide

Hi, my name is Al your local ecoguide in Palawan. My family has been in Coron for five generations already. After finishing my economics degree in Metro Manila I spent two years living in Coron Island with the native Tagbanua, where I served as an outreach officer to an environmental project. This provided me with a passion for ethnography, nature, photography and outdoor activities. I have traveled the country andphotographed some of the best places in Southeast asian countries. As a travel environmental photographer and geographer I combine my expertise in travel and share my experiences with the tribal communities. Together we have set-up social enterprise ecotours in Coron which started 2000. Im also part of the creation of a new challenge in the ecological call of duty, establishing TheCoron Initiative©, a vanguard conservation, social responsibility and sustainable tourism model for Northern Palawan. With this initiative we try to cover and surpass all so-called paradigm of ecotourism practices