Ali Omar


My love affair with Business began at University. Our chemistry was instantaneous, and I loved it more than anything else. I got to know it, devoted myself to it and planned to ride off into the sunset with it, hand-in-hand. But things weren't so simple. The truth was, I had another love - the written word. Whilst I was with Business during the days, I spent passion-filled-nights with my mistress, opening it's covers and jamming my pen into it's pages furiously. But the end was approaching and I had to make a decision on who to spend my life with, Business or Art?

Upon graduation, I decided to marry both, however frowned upon that was. I became an Advertising Copywriter and I now use my love of words to promote businesses and organisations, working for agencies such as McCann Erickson in the process, even editing a youth lifestyle magazine titled CollectCurate(.com).

It's been a few years now, but we're all still very much in love.

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    • University of Hertfordshire