Ali Pervez

Teacher and Consultant in San Francisco, California

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I was born in South East Asia and moved to England when I was two years old. I am essentially British. I was raised in Manchester, England, which is my real home, and I’m a big fan of Manchester United. If you love Manchester United, we can be great friends! Currently I live in San Francisco, California.

I have always loved people and I enjoy helping them. Although I did not get good grades in school, I definitely had the most friends.

I studied Chemistry at University as this was the only subject I could do at high school. I barely got into college. I really enjoyed Chemistry at college and decided to pursue postgraduate studies in Biochemistry. Then I decided I did not want to be to spend the rest of my time in a lab and so went on to do an MBA at one of Europe’s top business schools.

During my MBA I realized that marketing was my gift. It came very naturally to me; it just made sense. It was a combination of psychology and science, dealing with people and making decisions based on facts and evidence, and with my science training and love for people I had finally found my calling!

I did very well at business school and received a distinction for my final marketing project. I was sent over to Harvard Business School to do a special project on Entrepreneurship in my final term.

I left business school and joined a very large Fortune 500 company, and based on my performance had the opportunity to do marketing projects all over the world. During my nearly ten year stint I did all types of marketing projects including market analysis, developing marketing plans, strategic plans, launching multi-million dollar products, setting up agents and distributors, and training sales staff to name a few. Basically, I did any type of marketing project you can imagine.

My marketing projects took me around the world and I ended up doing marketing projects in 22 different countries. My work also provided me with the opportunity to work with consultants at McKinsey and Bain & Company. And I led the Bain team for a project we did in India. I also worked with marketing agencies on Madison Avenue on advertising campaigns.

I have written three books on marketing. One is a #1 best-seller.

I have spoken at both Oxford & Stanford on marketing and enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge whenever I can!

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    • B.Sc Hons, M.Sc. M.B.A.