Alireza Jozi

Vienna Austria

Lived in 4 different countries such as Canada, Iran, Malaysia and Austria before he hit 18, he started studying Business Administration at Vienna university of Business and Software Engineering in Vienna University of Technology. He considers himself as a World Citizen and has a passion for different cultures and their people. From a very young age he was inspired by creative and innovative Entrepreneurs, Artists, Computer engineers, Leaders and great minds with great ideas. By the age of 16 he started his first start up.

His entrepreneur spirit has let him back to his birth town of Tehran, where he is starting two startups and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship to the young and talented Iranians. Being a brand strategy adviser to small businesses and start ups to social media marketing and project managing his interests lie with Startups.

Driven by the love of learning and teaching,inspiring and being inspired, he is a big fan of networking and meeting interesting individuals with creative minds,which is also a way of finding people who have the love of make the world a better place.

Above all he considers himself as “A Learner” with the ideology that : The pool of innovation and creativity dies when a person stops learning. And there is always something to learn from anything or anyone.

Alireza is the Co-founder of TechRasa, the Iranian tech and startup news analysis, the goal of TechRasa is to promote the Iranian startup ecosystem to the world and to help Iranian startup get more international reach, addition to that TechRasa also supports and investor and entrepreneurs that want to reach out to Iran. He has a passion to bridge startup ecosystems together. With this passion and goal, TechRasa means to expand its reach to the Middle-East and cover more than Iran, and to be a motive to connect entrepreneurs, startups and investors from all around the region together.

He is a theater acting enthusiast. Newbie Parkourist. Photography and designing are a hobby and coffee is an excuse to sit down and chat. So, up for a coffee?

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