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Alisa Hall

Hot Springs, Arkansas

I love anything and everything creative. I love beautifully arranged compositions, well thought out color palettes, and the hard work that goes into achieving both of these in a very natural way.

For a while now I have considered myself an artist. I’ve studied drawing, and painting and many different forms of computer graphics but none of them, in my opinion, are like photography. It is the area that I have studied the least but feel like I am the most proficient. Lifestyle photography involves someone else on the other end, and for a people-person like me, I couldn’t ask for more. I enjoy listening to my clients and their ideas, and giving them even more than what they asked for.

I currently live in Hot Springs Arkansas with my amazing husbands Aaron and our three pets: a dog named Yogi and two rambunctious kitties named Monet and Matisse, of whom I take plenty of photos.

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    • Life Style Photographer