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Alisa Williams

Fairbanks, Alaska

Hi Everyone! My name is Alisa, and I'm happy to be here!

As a child and teen I found myself always hanging out at the library, before school, during school AND after school, so I guess it was only a natural step to make this an official union :)
My background is in liberal arts and I have a B.A. from the university here in Fairbanks in Spanish Lit and a minor in music.
Currently I work for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District as a Library Assistant at a middle school and I love it. I've worked for the school district for about 7 years.
When people find out I work at a middle school, and actually LIKE it, they are astounded. Gasping or chuckling under the breath is common. Their reaction made me ponder a future working with the "little animals" since I have thrived / (survived?) this long. There is a special energy that comes in working with middle schoolers, and tapping into it is very rewarding. Also, the YA genre has recently had a surge of sparkling submissions, and the possibilities in the field are energizing.
My concentration therefore is Children and Youth Librarianship. I am also interested in Museum Studies, and am going to overlap some classes there.
When I'm not working I'm either eating, sleeping, dancing or playing and writing music. I'm in several local bands, and I play a variety of instruments. Most recently I took up drums and percussion for my band Eel House. We travel throughout the year, and it has been fun seeing new places and parts of the country and meeting new people.

I'm very much looking forward to studying with you all!

  • Work
    • Library Assistant
  • Education
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks