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Alisa Geiser

Seattle, Washington

I’m a storyteller and a firetender and I’ve sought and told many a fortune. Some call me a Renaissance woman, some call me a free spirit—I prefer the term 'feral'. Roaming mountainsides and cityscapes in search of novel tastes and ancient tales is how I find my bliss. Along the way to wherever I am, I’ve served as managing editor for Westcliffe Publishers, helped eco-magazine elephant journal go national, worked for Martha Stewart, documented a humanitarian aid mission to Cuba, earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and claimed a Guinness world record with Carmen Electra. I'm represented by Foundry Literary + Media and in the process of writing my second book, High Life & Low Times, a collaboration with artist/designer Stephanie Sizemore.

I'm currently located in Seattle, Washington.

  • Work
    • Publisher
  • Education
    • University of Colorado Boulder