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Alisa Hentze


Who am I?

I am a woman of color, who loves to discover

diversity within complexity

supporting with passion, and discovering the new action

to create and cultivate

a place with a smiling face, for all who want to taste

innovation that brings motivation

inspiring life to start shining.

To be able to be a giver of support and good vibes to our world, I connect to play through projects that allow me to collaborate with diverse people from different backgrounds

I am currently a student at the Kaospilot school in Denmark, and here my learning has taken me through a journey within, and throughout life's connections . My learning happens through research, test, evaluate/reflect then build upon or pivot into a new learning cycle. I believe in nurturing curiosity with an open mind, open heart & open will.

Here are some areas of interest i am currently developing:

Lean Start up, Art of hosting, Economy for the common good, Leadership, Poetry, Interactive art.

  • Work
    • Project, Process & Creativity
  • Education
    • Kaospilot