Alisa Nikitina

Currently, a master student of European studies in Lund University, Sweden. Graduated with a B.A. in Linguistics from the National Tehnical University of Ukraine.

U.S. Department of State undergraduate exchange program fellow (Bethany College, United States). Interested in European affairs, international relations, European-American relations, migration issues, cultural diversity, non-governmental organizations.

Have attended a number of conferences/seminars on the topics of my interest:

"Youth and Migration: new realities and challenges", Budapest, Hungary, November 2011

"Solidarity Academy", Gdansk, Poland, April 2010

"Youth IDEA Exchange", Vilnius, Lithuania, March 2010

European Youth Parliament International Session in Helsinki, Finland (October 2009)

A number of Esperanto events (Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic)

International Week Ljubliana 2009, Slovenia, November 2009

Youth-in-Action EU program participant (Turkey, May 2010)

and other.