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Top 3 jungle retreats in Malaysia

There’s something about being amidst nature that just calms us down instantly. For some, it is the feel of grass on the skin that soothes the mind; for others, it is simply taking in the tranquil sights of mountains, trees and wildlife coexisting peacefully.

Each of these places can be easily accessed by buses (tickets for which you can take online from redbus and will reach you faster too.

Whatever be the reason, jungle retreats are a soul refresher, and if a break from stress is what you were looking for in Malaysia, this is where you should be put up:

The Shorea: Shorea is a native to Southeast Asia, from Northern India to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In west Malesia and the Philippines this genus dominates the skyline of the tropical forests. Nestled in lush greenery, The Shorea has four boutique retreat chalets whose windows open up to tall trees and blue skies. It’s USP? The infinity pool that faces the mountains!

Sailor’s Rest: Immense yourself in the uniqueness of boarding the only boathouse located in the highlands with with its own queen bed and attached bathroom. A jungle retreat that has an actual boathouse! What more could you want? The boathouse is just one of the three chalets that are tucked away in JandaBaik, which is 45 km from KL.

Idaman House:Idaman House is a bungalow resort by Avillion Private Collection in JandaBaik - a luxurious getaway in a private retreat surrounded by lush greenery. The hotel is nestled within Tanahrimba, which can be reached at right along the main road, a relatively short distance after entering JandaBaik from the trunk route. Some of the facilities include a spacious living hall, basement lounge, fully-equipped kitchen, satellite television, wifi Internet access, private outdoor pool and tree house. lso located in JandaBaik, Pahang, Idaman House has five rooms on offer that can accommodate around 10 guests. Once you’ve relaxed here enough, make sure to get your detective hats on and look for the secret tree house.