Ali Seytanpir

Property in London, United Kingdom

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Ali Seytanpir has an interest in a variety of investments. He holds an account at the London Stock Exchange, as well as a currency trading account with and a fine wine trading account with Liv-ex. He also takes part in frequent workshops and seminars to update his knowledge of trading, as well as conducting his own market research into trends. He follows the Investment Association and reblogs content to share with others in the online investment community.

The Investment Association is not the only organisation Ali Seytanpir follows online. He is an active writer of blogs and research papers, taking inspiration and information from sources which include the London School of Economics, and a variety of professional investment sites. Ali Seytanpir creates his own content as well as being a regular reblogger.

Fundraising for charity takes up a large amount of Ali Seytanpir's free time. In support of the NSPCC and Cancer Research UK, he takes part in as many fundraisers as possible, including five-kilometre runs. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of Arsenal Football Club and attends all games with his Club level membership.

Ali Seytanpir likes to cook at home, basing many of his recipes around fish as the main ingredient. He experiments with new recipes, with chef Rick Stein as a particular inspiration. He also has a passion for classical music and the opera, and enjoys attending live concerts and performances.