Alisha Renee'

Texas, United States

Alisha Renee' was born in a small city in Ohio by the name of Toledo! Growing up Alisha a very active "church girl" being raised by a Pastor and First Lady of a hand clapping, foot stomping tongue talking church of God in Christ she really had no choice. She praised danced, she was active in sunday school and Loved hearing the word of God. But in school Alisha was a problem. She had trouble focusing and staying out of trouble. All she wanted to do was enternain people and that ofter got her in lots of trouble in fact she was kicked out of every school she attened including elemetry, which caused her to repeat the 3rd grade. In 9th grade Alisha found herself in the Jouvinile Detention center of Toledo Facing felony charges. Alisha was released after 2 weeks and the charges were dropped. She soon transfered to Jesup W. Scott High School where she played her favorite sport basketball. She was offered a full ride to John Carroll Univeristy in Cleveland, OH but sadly her grades just didnt cut it. Alisha was devistated. and Gave up her dream of being drafted into the WNB. She was always told how pretty she was, so she grew the desire to want to be a model. Her first casting call was with "Americas Next Top Model" where she failed miserably and quickly gave up on that dream. As she barely graduated high school Alisha had no clue where to go or what she was going to do with her life. But one thing she did know is that Ohio is not where she wanted to reside. She had big dreams which were far too large for tiny Toledo. With no way out she believed her only option was to join the United States Army. At age 22 Alisha was shipped to basic combat trainning in Ft. Leonardwood, Missourri. It is then she began to question a lot about her upbringing and religion. The bible believing "church girl's" faith and belifs in God started to fade. Not even a year after joining the service Alisha Renee' was shipped to Southern Afghanistan for a 9 month tour, her belif in God was at an all time low. She new there was something great inside of her but couldnt understand why God never gave her a chance or a platform to display her talents and gifts. Alisha Renee' is currently 24 yrs old still serving in the US army stationed in FT. Hood, TX and decided to take on her dreams again! She is an aspiring commercial model, actress, TV personality, Sports analyst, news anchor and one day hopes to have her very own chain of child care facilities starting in her home town!