Alisha Shibli

Content Creator in Mumbai, India

I’m generally pretty useless…

This is not being clever – it’s a fact.

I can’t drive, I own no property, have no kids, no real savings, I’m not married and kinda ’big boned’.

In fact the only thing that has kept me from spending my life aggressively waving a paper cup at passers-by is my wish to be a good Advertising Copywriter. I want the place I work for to be talked about because it produces sensational work – work that the public (and the industry) notice and respond positively to.

Since the beginning of my career I have embraced digital. I am a Master's graduate in Advertising & Marketing from University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

I think I’m a friendly, affable sort who gets on with more or less everyone.

That’s about it really.

  • Education
    • University of Leeds