Alisha Ahmadi

London, United Kingdom.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. For ten years, Pro Arte was my training studio where, while I majored in the Contemporary and Jazz Division, I celebrated that I was able to develop my core technique from Ballet. As a step forward in my career in dance, I joined the CatchingART Contemporary Ballet Theatre Aspirant Program, directed by Astrid Sherman as an attachment to Pro Arte Centre. From 2013 till the present day I am attending the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London, England. This three year program towards the achievement of a Bachlor of Arts (Hons.) in Dance is a huge step towards the dream of dancing, and is what inspires me and keeps me going – striving to learn every day. While dance is the most important part of my life, I wish to be diverse and be a dancer, model, actor, singer and do it all! I try my best to be involved in as many opportunities as possible and explore the world professionally in many talents.