alisha bicknell

alisha bicknell

I'm passionate about building communities and bringing people together through shared loves, experiences and causes. I like to see people learning, having fun and feeling good about themselves.

I'm an AmeriCorps Member currently in the job hunt. I have gained vital experience doing direct service in community and youth engagement in a low to moderate income setting this past year.

I hope to work to better the community I live in through non-profit or other community work. I want Columbus' future to be something we can all be proud of creating. I am interested in working in development, volunteer management, community management, outreach, city planning, or communications.

I have a a degree and background in Public Relations/Promotions with a special interest in social media. I hope to use these skills to improve community connections in my future roles.

In my free time I enjoy attending community events and festivals, seeing and listening to new and live music, seeing and creating art, working on my creative writing, and perfecting my smoothie recipes.

I want to live in a positive and purposeful manner.

e-mail me for questions, collaborations or coffee: [email protected]