Alisha Lucik

I am a small town girl born and raised in North Branch Michigan. I am a model & actress and have always been in love with the attention of a camera (and the eyes of my amazing boyfriend Daniel Graham). I have done a variety of modeling and acting jobs including tv shows, promotional modeling, and LFL (ladies football league). I am a very fun and outgoing girl that loves to laugh and have a good time while making my dreams come true!!!

I am very blessed and have a positive way of looking life. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to further my modeling career, but would also like to extend a helping hand to others striving to accomplish their dreams.

Because of my incredible relationship with the most amazing programmer on the planet (my bf), I started a website development company called If you are looking for success I can help you market yourself or your product by having a website that leaves people speechless.

Best wishes to all the aspiring model and companies. Please feel free to contact me about making your dreams a reality. Thanks a bunch Alisha Lucik