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The highest point of the movement dumbbells palms facing forward, as in the final stage of normal pressure with one-hand dumbbells (the first option) like somanabolic muscle maximizer torrent by Kyle Leon

Retraction is similar, of course, in reverse order. This exercise has been labeled "Arnold pressures", abbreviated "Arnold" after his famous author. Check This Website

Take the first series in the usual way in standing or sitting position and lift the dumbbells with palms facing down (back of the hand up) up to the shoulders.

The second series take universal bench and lift it at an angle between 75-80 degrees. Hold the dumbbells, stand facing the bench and lean on her chest padding.

The head must “just above the edge of the bench.

The chest is still leaning against the bench this option is heavier than normal and therefore uses only two-thirds weight dumbbells, you're used to.

The last series of lower support benches on one or two positions below, sit on the bench, lean back, and in this position perform

Pick-up weights to the chin

In the first series grasp the barbell shoulder width apart and lift it up at a distance of a few centimeters away from the body. Recommended Site

In the second series of very narrow grip barbell grip at a distance of a few centimeters apart upward movement is again very close to the body.

Bent sitting

Sit on a bench and bend over. Hold dumbbells in your hands to position itself directly under the thighs with somanabolic muscle maximizer scam by Kyle Leon

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