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Alison Starr

Artist, Curator, and Collabrator in Dallas, Texas

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I'm an interdisciplinary artist and professor residing in Dallas, Texas. Human nature/behavior, interactions, and private thoughts inspire her work; some of which is autobiographical. My current body of work includes writing and performing both live and in video presentations as well as other time based work involving sound installation. I've exhibited widely in Michigan, New York, and throughout Texas. Internationally, I have presented work in Cyprus as well as Portobelo, Panama where I was awarded a fellowship at the Taller Portobelo Norte Interdisciplinary Art Colony. I'm the co-founder of PerformanceSW, a project in support of the proliferation of performance art outside of the American mainstream discourse as well as a contributing member of (wo)manorial, a collective of artists, writers, and thinkers who contemplate the ever-changing concept of the feminine.

  • Work
    • Artist and Lecturer
  • Education
    • MFA in Intermedia Studios