Alison White

Alison was an amazing girl.She was a cheerleader,she was in her fca group in school.But then she got cancer,alison was the strongest girl i knew and she alway made you smile.when she found out she had cancer she didnt stop.Even after chemo she would alway crack a joke to make everyone smile.Even when her hair feel out the first thing she asked for was a hannah montana wig.Alison was a one of a kind just about anyone would tell you..Jan. 15 she was told her cancer had passed and she wouldnt have to do chemo again.After that she played volleyball,and did cheerleading like nothing had ever happend.But June 31 she went to the doctor because she thought she had the flew and was very sleepy but when they had checked the cancer had came back.When they told her she looked at her mom and said she was ready to go to that she gives up.Alison made it a month and a half and called me the morning she died and said she could here god saying it was time to fly with the angles.Alison then called her boy friend caleb and asked him if he would meet up with her at her house.When he came she told him what was going on and said she wanted him to hold her as she went to live with god.Caleb held her and she went to live with god.Alison is the reason i go to church and why my faith is high.Alison we love you and i cant wait to see you again :)