Alison White

hey im Alison im 15 years old.I love to cheer <3 its my everything..I blow out the candles on feb. 14..Know to my story..On 6/22/10 i felt a little sick so i went to the doctor..When i walked in the door i thought i had a cold and when i walked out i had cancer.Life can change in one day.The worst thing about it was that when they found the cancer they said it spread and it was very bad that i would have to be hospitalized as soon as possible..Though all the chemo and test on 3rd time of my chemo they told me i was having more trouble..3 months later i had cancer,pneumonia,and stomach swelling..In November i had been so sick that the doctors told my mom that they didnt think that i would make it past Christmas.On Christmas they gave me more chemo......On Christmas i had many friends in the hospital until the cancer was getting on in some of there lives and they passed..When i saw my friend Mitch the boy across the hall die thats when i had started to give up.Well its hard to live in the hospital but you can never let god out of your life..GOD is one person thats helped me this hole time..Everyone has helped me also on twitter and the donations that my school has given to me....////1 thing that everyone should know is i love god with all my heart..If you dont know what a MORMON is then ask me and ill let you no,...yes thats my religon.Not the people who marry 5 wifes at a time..TO the people who dont know my name isnt Alison thats my middle name my name is Marry Alison White..NO MORE CANCER yeahhhhh.....god blesss you allllll i love you :)