Alison Aiken

Alison Aiken

Maybe you are like me....

Can you leave dishes in your sink while on vacation?

Do you wrap Christmas gifts like Martha Stewart?

Do you feel better when your desk is organized, post its lined up by size?

Do you enjoy a challenge?

Does the colorful images of Pinterest torture you?

Do you give your best to everything, even things that are perhaps not that important to you?

If the above seem odd to you, or if you find yourself thinking "why would I want to do that?", you are not like me and perchance my blog is not for you.

If you are like me, You are a type-A, grade-A perfectionist and my blog is about how to do things better. How to take that pin, that blog, that idea and turn it into a living reality. It is an honest account of living life for perfection.

My blog is not about living the perfect life. My life is far from perfect. It is about a woman hard-wired to want the best out of herself. others and life. It is about trying the journey toward perfection and the victories, disappointments and hard-core foul-ups that can occur on the path to unattainable. Being a perfectionist has brought me a lot of success but also a lot of insanity, however, I truly believe in being better and finding better ways to live everyday. I am bringing it all to your browser in the hopes we can dialogue and journey together.

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    • Bachelors of the Arts, Loyola University of Chicago