Alison Hickey

White Plains, NY


My name is Alison Hickey. I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2008, with a BA in Sociology. I am an administrative professional with 4 years experience as an administrative assistant in both corporate and retail environments. I have the ability to create and maintain an office environment and have the necessary written and verbal communication skills to be successful. I have extensive experience utilizing MS Office as well as iWork on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. I would like to implement these skills, plus many more, into a professional atmosphere.

I worked as an administrative assistant for close to 4 years at an after-market auto parts company in White Plains, NY assisting the Regional Director, 4 Operations Managers and the Regional Sales Director for 33 stores located in both New York and Connecticut. I maintained accurate records of both sales and payroll as well as other necessary paperwork. I assisted in the interviewing and hiring processes for the lower Westchester stores. In addition to my administrative duties, I also implemented a concise store layout to make accessing parts more efficient for the employees of one store and helped maintain that by assisting the store manager with inventory control.

Prior to that, while studying at Stony Brook University, I took a position as a data collector at the Center for Survey Research on campus. My main reason for taking this position was to gain more experience using the phone. I would call people using a random digit dialing system to ask questions for surveys that came from professors and local businesses.

I have recently decided to take online classes via in order to push myself to be the best version of me and hopefully give me a foot-up in the job market. While it hasn't been an easy unemployment (I don't think it ever is!), I have vowed to never give up the hope that something will come along. *If you are reading this and know of any open positions, let me know!!* :)

  • Work
    • BWP Distributors, INC
  • Education
    • SUNY at Stony Brook University