Alison Byrne

Documentary Filmmaker, Radio Producer, and Writer in Brooklyn, New York

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Alison is Co-Producer of the upcoming HBO documentary film "Mommy Dead and Dearest" and is currently working on her third film with that team, covering crime in the digital age. She is also the Associate Producer of "Oxide," a monthly program for 100.1 Radio Woodstock.

Alison is a radio and video producer, researcher and writer. A graduate of the Transom Story Workshop, she received the 2015 Miller Audio Prize from The Missouri Review for her audio essay "Leaving Los Angeles," and went on to produce the Working Narratives podcast series,"Who Are You?" Her resume includes podcasts and radio stories, documentary films, web series, corporate media, and reality TV credits for outlets including HBO, PBS, Discovery, HGTV, WCAI and the Journalism Center on Children and Families. Alison graduated magna cum laude with an MFA in Integrated Media Arts (social-issue, journalistic, nonfiction media) from Hunter College in 2008.

Alison recently started a blog called Saved To Draft, curating email drafts left unsent, and runs a ridiculous Instagram account @fatcatinbrooklyn. She once spent a month walking 500 miles across Spain but is equally delighted lounging in her hometown at the Jersey Shore. Alison lives in Brooklyn with a 26-lb cat named Scotty.