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Alison Cross-Jones

Malmesbury Wiltshire

I'm widely experienced in supporting individuals in social housing and within communities.
My experience spans over 20 years during which I've helped to craft policy, procedures and systems both operationally and strategically. In my work I adopt a multidisciplinary approach and I'm committed to equal opportunities and diversity. Giving everyone a fair chance in order that the a positive outcome is achieved is something I believe in.

My specific experience and skills are in the following areas:-
Adult Education
Resident Involvement [Social Housing]
Community Development
Equality and Diversity
Charity Governance
Customer Service & Satisfaction
Advocacy [volunteer]

In addition I've held Non-Executive Director positions at local, county and national level. I was very proud to have co-written a Conflict Resolution Toolkit for The Housing Corporation that was considered best practice and adopted nationally. My skills have been recognised by numerous awards.

I currently manage HEALS [Help Encouragement And Local Support], an innovative charitable community organisation who works in partnership with other organisations, service partners and community groups to help people help themselves. The main focus is to help those who are vulnerable, in crisis or need support.

  • Education
    • Mostyn High School, Cardiff
    • Weston College, Weston-Super-Mare