Alison Daley

Alison Daley

I am a passionate Health IT professional with a vision for a patient centric wholistic health care system. I am a member of Health Informatics Society Australia and my expertise cross the clinical / technical / business domains in health. My clinical specialties include: CAM, Homeopathics and Nursing. My IT specialties include: Patient Management Systems, PACS & RIS, Health Data definitions and collection methods, Data Analysis, Referral Networks. My health business specialties include: ADT, Outpatients, Billing Private and Public, Casemix, Health Insurance & BreastScreening and Assessment.

What I am most passionate about though, is process improvement in the Health Industry - whatever speciality! I strive for excellence that demonstrates smart, clever, efficient processes that give patients better outcomes, staff better experiences (by this I mean that they get to spend time with patients adding value and care rather than running around doing non-value adding tasks) and finally processes that help a service deliver more for less!

I am focussed on processes that add value and add flow - sound Lean? Yes it is! But Lean is not the whole solution in Healthcare and smart solutions that keep the end goal in mind are essential for smarter, more efficient care in health.

"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction", Winston Churchill.

My motivation and intent is to facilitate change in the right direction for the good health of all Australians. Let's do things smarter, the technology is there - the challenge is a) engaging those on the front line b) constructing the right solution for the service and c) working collaboratively to bring about the change and realise the benefits of the change.