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Alison Day

Alison Day is based in Warwick, UK where she resides with her hubbie and two year old boy/girl twins. Her day job is Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Emergency Nursing educator and PhD student (pre-hospital personnel and their engagement with major incident planning) but travel plans are never far from her thoughts.

Alison has an expanding portfolio of published articles including publications in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the British Journal of Cardiology. She co-wrote 2 chapters in Acute Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses published in 2009 by Wiley Blackwell. She sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Emergency Nursing and has worked and presented internationally.

Experience in writing for a variety of mediums including print and on-line, has developed skills such as researching, interviewing and reporting. In a professional and personal role, Alison has experience in writing blog posts (and is the founder of her travel blog - Globetrotting Cacti), essays, patient education materials, policy documents, business reports, curricula material and research reports.

Since 18 years of age, Alison has worked in the health-care field. Her first role was as a Health Care Assistant in a Nursing Home prior to commencing an under-graduate degree in nursing. She fell in love with the fast and unpredictable environment of emergency care, loving the interaction with the diverse patient group and the unscheduled nature of the workload. Her clinical work has taken her from a major trauma and burns centre in the UK, through to working at a Level 1 trauma centre in the desert heat of Phoenix, AZ. Returning to the UK in 2002 meant a shift in focus from clinical work into education. Working as a Resuscitation Training Officer gave her a taste of education (with a clinical foundation) and she is now based in an academic role within a University. Promoting and enhancing quality patient care still remains a primary focus whether through education, research or leadership. Through personal experience and extensive travel, her eyes have opened to a more integrative medical approach and she embraces the mix of western and complementary healthcare.