Alison Hernandez - Your first choice

Alison Hernandez - Your first choice

This role will require tackling crime from all angles not just from a police perspective.

Understanding the needs and challenges of the rural , urban and coastal communities within Devon and Cornwall is vital. This will require strategic thinking and the ability to form strong partnerships and alliances. I have extensive experience and a track record of delivering results through strategic partnerships.

I believe that in these austere and unprecedented times we need a positive approach. We need safety, first and foremost in our minds, to protect the people of Devon and Cornwall.

My 5 Point Plan to achieve Safety First and Foremost is:

1) Safety through Positive Leadership:

I will offer positive leadership in the face of unprecedented change. Working alongside the Police to help bring us all closer to our communities. Helping to offer a clear vision and purpose for our Policing Service and being relentless in communicating clearly on how funding is being spent, not a focus on what is being cut but what is changing for the better.

2) Safety through Accountability and Transparency:

Hold the Police and other Agencies to account through the exposure of their positive actions to tackle crime (or the lack of them), to create a culture of innovation and learning. This is to celebrate what works well and what needs improvement to ensure budgets are spent wisely and the Police themselves feel confident to try out new methods.

3) Safety through Catch & Convict:

Play our part within the criminal justice system by getting back to the basics of what the public expect the Police to do to support them and keep high risk prolific offenders off our streets. Prevention is also important and we must continue to work alongside others to achieve this.

4)Safety through Victim Support:

Protect victims of crime and the most vulnerable from harm to ensure that even more offenders are brought to justice. We need to put an end to those who suffer from repeat victimisation.

5) Safety by Respecting Diversity:

Diversity of geography - rural/coastal/urban, technologies and of people. Differing policing and communication styles for differing real and online communities.