Alison Law

Alison Law is a professional writer, publicist and marketing and social media consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia.

As owner of Alison Law Communications, she has worked with a variety of clients, including authors and book publicity firms, public relations and advertising agencies, attorneys, accountants, veterinarians and other professional service providers. She has represented the sole practitioner and entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 company and government agency.

Alison’s career began twenty years ago in a newsroom in her hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. While studying communications at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Alison worked for the local NBC affiliate. She spent almost seven years in various editorial and management positions at television stations in Chattanooga, Lexington, Kentucky and Baltimore, Maryland.

Since 2000, Alison has served as in-house and outside marketing counsel to some of the nation’s largest law firms. Her work has garnered industry awards, and Alison has served in various leadership positions in the Southeastern Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA).

In 2012, Alison combined her editorial, online marketing and social media skills to launch Southern Spines is an online community that celebrates and promotes southern writers, songwriters and poets, and what the site calls “Books with Backbone.” Alison is a member of the She Reads Blog Network.

She was assistant program director of the 2013 AJC Decatur Book Festival, the largest independent book festival in the country, and the fourth largest book festival overall.

Alison is a part-time graduate student at Georgia State University where she is pursuing a master’s degree in English with a concentration in literary studies.

She’s also “football widow” and fan club president to husband Zach Law, a successful fantasy and pro football writer. Zach on Sports is a successful football blog and home of the “Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert” series. Zach’s first 100 “Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert” interviews have been published as e-books available on Amazon.

When not reading or writing…or reading some more…Alison is catching up on her neglected DVR queue with her two cats, Sting and Chewie.

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