Alison Henderson

Squamish, British Coloumbia

I have a unique history with adventure and eco-tourism that began in my first years of high school. Since then I have continued to live my life in the spirit of adventure. Now is the time for me to make a career out of my passion and take active steps towards opening up my own eco-lodge in the mountains.
As a student at a very progressive high school that encouraged independence and adventure, I was presented with opportunities that many kids my age could only dream of. I studied in Cape Town, South Africa, helped build an orphanage in Honduras, learned SCUBA diving while studying marine biology in the Caribbean, backpacked and kayaked in the Bay of Fundy, among other adventures. I was also heavily involved with ’Adventure Training’, where I was first introduced to the wonders of our natural environment. I learned how to thrive in the wilderness and appreciate the solace and beauty of nature. I got hooked on rock climbing and backpacking and found peace in being away from the constant buzz of the city.
After high school I lived in Uganda for six months, where I worked with the Aids Support Organization on HIV testing and anti-retroviral distribution. During my time in East Africa I was formally introduced to the eco-tourism industry after staying in some of the most incredible eco-resorts in the world. I remember staying at The Nile Porch in Jinja, Uganda on the banks of the Nile. I thought to myself, "I'm going to do this one day!" I loved the idea of a hotel being more than just a place to sleep at the end of the day. I loved that it was an entire experience- whether admiring the gorillas in Virgunga National Park or a sunset festival, there was always an incredible energy in the air that forced me to live in the moment and made me happy to simply be alive.
After my time in Uganda, I lived in Mexico where I pursued my SCUBA diving career as a certified diving instructor at various resorts on both coasts of the country. It was working at those resorts that really gave me the taste for the hospitality industry in particular. I found that I enjoyed getting to know the customers and ensuring that everybody was having a great time, no matter what. Simply that others were happy gave me immense pleasure.
However, It was also during my time in East Africa and Mexico that I witnessed first-hand what a devastating impact the tourism industry can have on both the environment and local communities. I w

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