Alison Rose

Alison Rose, your #1 supplier of super sweet stuff, officially opened up in 2003. This homegrown company was established as a way to work towards entrepreneurial independence, to keep artistic spirits alive, and to justify hauling the half-ton printing press from apartment – to apartment – to Nick’s parents’ house – to apartment.

Flash forward to now and you’ll find Nicholas and Alison married (to each other!) and living in Columbus with their two cats, Grace and Flannel. They’re still eating pizza (but now it’s meatless) and that crazy-huge press has a permanent home in their very own house. They continue to work hard toward making Alison Rose their full-time gig, listening to those same mixtapes as they spin whirlwinds of ink and polyblend thread.

Alison Rose, although named after her, is certainly one half of him, and each item they make is proof of their partnership. Their store features wallets, handbags, accessories, and apparel – all hand-printed and (usually) late-night sewn.