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Alison Wells

Alison Wells

Ah yes, the ubiquitous bio.

I was raised in a small convent in the foothill of the Himalayas, where the sisters and I manufactured Nerf footballs for...

Sadly, not quite that interesting of a history. I am currently a digital strategist at a small agency in Madison, WI called KW2. The majority of our clients are either government related or affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to our move to Madison, I was the digital account manager at Wire Stone for brands like Kid Cuisine, Carhartt, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and AIU. Before that endeavor, I was the senior digital content specialist at Mosaic XM working to gain a foothold in the video game industry for a major retailer.

In 2011, I completed my masters in marketing at the Simon School of Business at The University of Rochester after a 5-year break from school in the real world. During my tenure in the vicious underbelly of perpetual entry-level jobs, I swam through the murky waters of corporate litigation in Manhattan (yipes!), cold called various and sundry car washes, restaurants, and family-only businesses trying to sell them employment listing space (Sales for, tottered around in 4-inch Louboutins while intern wrangling and keeping the books for an well-known interior decorator (Nate Berkus Associates), and finally editing other people's creations and navigating the tricky world of telling someone they're incorrect without getting the phone slammed down (Marketwire).

But enough about where I've been, let's talk about who I am. I'm:
a. A girl that's been likened to, and have loved, Janice the Muppet for as long as I can remember. (I also do a wicked Swedish Chef impression)
b. A girl who would love to be as cool as Kim Deal.
c. Addicted to spinach, goat cheese, oysters and pork belly tacos.
d. A girl who rereads Jane Eyre at every crossroad in my life.