Alison Turner

I'm a survivor and veteran of numerous crisis communication situations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, including the 'Enron Crisis' and the Costa Concordia disaster - having worked for Arthur Andersen and a global cruise and vacation company in recent years.

I've handled a full array of writing and communication assignments in a wide range of industries and global organizations such as Dow Jones & Co., DPWN-DHL, as well as law firms and energy conglomerates. From designing and implementing comprehensive employee communications, to internal blogging and public relations, I've been fortunate to turn my writing skills to all sorts of projects, including Annual Reports (Air Mauritius) and committe reports on existing dormant accounts and other assets in Swiss banks of victims of Nazi persecution.

The basis of this all is knowing how to distill information on complicated topics from disparate sources, and turn it all into clear, creative project plans. I move seamlessly between just-the-facts communication to designing and implementing complex marketing campaigns.