Alissa Friedman

Life Coach, Trainer, and Fog Lifter in Chicago, Illinois

Uncover ➔ Discover ➔ Become

I am a Fog Lifter! It's my mission to help you uncover the obstacles that keep you from the life you deserve, full of self love, joy, peace, abundance, and freedom.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, I'm confident I can help you.

1) Do you find yourself repeating your patterns in love relationships, mopping up the same pain?

2) Do you crave more in your career, knowing something is missing and have a desire to find your real passion or true purpose?

3) Do you feel inner anxiety that gnaws at you, holding you back from living a full life?

I've been on this journey of self discovery for decades, and I didn't believe I could be different. However, through commitment, courage and the willingness to take the first step, my life is very different today.

Learning simple, life changing tools to overcome old patterns has been the key, and I'm ready to share them with other women and men who no longer want to suffer.

You're here for a reason, so please click the above link for a free 30 minute consultation. We can then see if it's a good match.

Making the choice to open your mind and heart can be scary, so we take the coaching at a pace that helps you discover your truth on your own time.

There is a happy zone, but you've got to be willing to take the first step. I will empower you one brush stroke at a time to guide you to the masterpiece within. It's there waiting patiently for you to discover it!

It would be my honor to be your guide.

  • Education
    • Southern Illinois University BS in Communications