Alissa Friedman

Life Coach, Trainer, and Fog Lifter in Chicago, Illinois

Uncover ➔ Discover ➔ Thrive

I am a Fog Lifter! It's my mission to help you uncover the obstacles that keep you from the life you deserve, full of self love, joy, peace, abundance, and the freedom to live your dreams.

If you're open to exploring what may be holding you back from feeling happy within, please click to get my 30 minute complimentary consultation above.

Making the choice to open your mind and heart can be scary, so we take the coaching at a pace that helps you discover your truth on your own time.

There is a happy zone, but you've got to be willing to take the first step. I will empower you one brush stroke at a time to get to the other side. In fact, it's been within you all along, just waiting for you to discover it!

You are here for a reason, but it can be overwhelming to find out what that means. It would be my honor to be your guide.

  • Education
    • Southern Illinois University BS in Communications