Alissa Andrade

Los Angeles, California, United States

I'm Alissa and I'm 17 years old.

I live in Glendale, CA, where I was born and grew up.

I am an aspiring professional dancer and nutritionist.

Dance has always been a part of my life. I took ballet, jazz, and tap as a young girl (as most young girls do) and learned to love it from the first class I ever participated in. I learned how to be graceful and how to express myself through body movememnts. In elementary school I was a part of my school's competetive drill team and my 3rd year on the team, I was one of four captains. Being a captain taught me leadership, responsiblity, and courage which are all critical in being a great a dancer. I have also taken part in musicals such as the Phantom of the Opera, which my high school did in 2013. In that show, I was chosen to be the lead ballerina and had many duet parts with our lead male dancer who is a professional ballroom dancer. I have also taken other side dance classes over the years and would like to further my knowledge in dance and improve upon my skills to become a professional.

Nutrition has always been a huge part of my life. But it was not until recently that I realized how important it is. Nutrition is more than just eating right, it's understanding your body and learning how to take care of yourself by giving your body the best supplies of energy. I love my body and I hate it when it doesn't feel like it should. What sparked my interest was wanting to treat my body the best I could starting with what I eat because I started to see the way those two factors were connected. But I didn't want it for myself only, I wanted it for every person that felt the same way about loving their bodies. I plan to study nutrition and become a professional that helps those who have a desire to feel the best inside and out.

I also love to work out because I belive exercise is another big part of taking care of yourself. I usually hit the gym to weight lift or go running.

I consider myself a Disneyland enthusiast because not only do I love Disney but I love Disneyland Resort and all the history that comes along with it. I love going and I am currently an annual pass holder. I also love Hello Kitty and own lots of hello kitty merch.

Other activities I love: hanging out with family, best friend, and good friends, watching movies, going to the beach, hiking, listening to music, playing board games, video games, playing sports recrationally, blogging, taki

  • Education
    • Hoover High School