Alissa Ohashi

A current student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Alissa Ohashi possesses many years of experience in promotions, public relations, and communications. Her most recent industry job, as a street-team member for The CW Columbus, employed Alissa Ohashi's experience in on-air production, digital editing, business communications, and other public-relations strategies. Alissa Ohashi joined The CW Columbus in August 2011, and was involved with the street team until December as an intern. Her street-team duties included filming video clips of the action at CW events and promoting the company through Facebook and Twitter. Alissa Ohashi has trained in improvisation, and she acquired skills in strategic communications at The CW.

Alissa Ohashi plans to graduate from Ohio State in June 2012; she previously was a public-relations practitioner at the Buckeye Bullet organization on campus. This role required Alissa Ohashi to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of social media, advertising, and other types of campaigns. She designed an awareness, acceptance, and action campaign for the electric racing team at the school. Alissa Ohashi also helped the Buckeye Bullet group in its booking and promotion of exclusive events.

Ms. Ohashi has been working as a manager at Pop's Pizza since 2005 to support herself through school. She also worked as a manager/promotional model for DBC America, which is a marketing agency that works for clients like Remy Martin, Captain Morgan, and Jack Daniels.