Alisson Gisselle

My last name isn't "Gisselle". It's part of my name, but i just don't use my last name on the internet. I idolize, Demi Lovato, Breathe Carolina, One Direction, Justin Bieber, & Shane Dawson.

What i've always wanted to be when i grow up is be famous on youtube. I don't know why, but it's like always been a dream of mine. I would like to work at the apple store when i'm older, there or at gilly hicks as well. Music is my life. I love my bestfriends so much. Sadly, single. for now. If you love something let it go, & it if it really loves you it'll come back. I also love Mile Cyrus & Kim Kardashians are the only people i would go lesbian for, lol jk. But they're beautiful. Lana Del Rey seduces me a lot. <3



Twitter: @PartyRockKidd

Instagram: partyrockkidd