Alistair Berg

Woodbury, MN

Based in Minnesota, Alistair Curtis Berg is an excellent soccer athlete with years of experience both playing and refereeing games. He started out playing with the Bangu Soccer Club, an organization for high achieving soccer players, and then began playing competitive soccer for Woodbury Soccer Club in sixth grade. In high school, Alistair Berg won the Coaches Leadership Award and as a sophomore he made the Woodbury Varsity Soccer team. In addition to playing, he has also been a referee with the Woodbury Soccer Club since he was 12 years old. As a referee, he ensured safety in games around the eastern St. Paul suburbs.

In addition to playing soccer, Alistair Berg is also a sports fan and follows the University of Minnesota Gophers basketball and football. He has season tickets for Gophers Basketball. He also enjoys watching European soccer and particularly roots for Manchester City. He currently works at Sports Authority in Woodbury as a sales associate for the footwear section.

Alistair Berg enjoys spending time with his family and especially likes to fish with his father, Guy Berg.