Alistair Davidson

Mountain View, CA

Professionally, I wear several hats. I consult to both companies and consulting firms. I provide a broad range of services that covers mentoring and advising CEOs, business development and business model development and change, marketing and sales activities, technology and software development (project manager, product manager, Scrum master, Scrum product owner), team building and planning. I have a deep interest in strategy and technology strategy.

My most recent project has been a cloud service developed in JavaScript, using JIRA for agile/scrum development. The cloud service demonstrated management of embedded energy management devices and sensors and could be accessed from the web or mobile devices.

My first startup, Alacrity Inc. was where I created the first ever strategic expert system that would interview you about your business and give you strategic advice based upon 3,000 rules about business strategy. Subsequently, I developed and distributed over a dozen software products that ran the gamut from expert systems to planning systems to an information warehouse and business intelligence/analytics tools based upon a sophisticated object oriented database. Companies frequently hire me as a writer, when I am not involved in consulting to companies or doing a startup.

Recent clients have hired me to write on business strategy, analyze Chinese competitors, green building strategies, risk management in real estate, fixed mobile convergence in telecom, customer success stories with technology, ROI of technology projects. In my spare time, I am a contributing editor to Strategy and Leadership magazine ( where I write article, review and edit articles, develop book reviews and interviews. Recently, I have started doing video interviews. Over my career, I have authored or been lead author on five books about technology and strategy, best practices in information management and project management, high tech startups and turnarounds.

The latest is called, Innovation Zeitgeist: Digital Business Transformation in a World of Too Many Competitors, available as a Kindle book on Amazon. And, during a period where I was having difficulty sleeping, I also wrote a book of poetry about Silicon Valley. In my spare time, I am an avid tennis player.

  • Work
    • Mountain View, CA
  • Education
    • Harvard Business School
    • Harvard College
    • Scrum Alliance
    • University of Toronto Schools
    • Kings College, UK