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Alistair Hughes

Geek or Nerd? Neek?

I'm the opposite of an idiot savant, an idiot dilletante maybe, with an incredibly broad range of interests, a vastly thin veneer of understanding and mastery of very little. I love writing though.

Love, love, love it.

For years I wrote short stories and have written 32 novels - okay the beginning to 32 novels- but now I write for the screen. One thing, as it so often does if you're open to it, lead to another and I'm now a writer/director in a production company along with some other incredibly talented individuals that have actual depth of skill. Lucky eh? We haven't made any money so far but we have banked a lot of time, laughs and learning. Fortunately that's what the business plan said we'd be doing.

Hopefully you reach this page by clicking through the links of this year's Oscar winners. I wish Helen Mirren would stop calling me a stalker on her website.