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Alistair Lowe

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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Hi there, I’m Alistair and I’m a developer and currently technical manager for all things R&D at Smarter Applications!

I’m proud to be able to say that the products I’ve worked on have reached all corners of the world, outcompeting competition in order to make contributions to key infrastructure on four continents; they can be found under the streets we walk along, on high-speed rail and even destroyer warships, with other B2B and consumer products shipping world-wide.

My professional background finds its roots in high-voltage where trying to make things explode at test stations was common place, now, making consumer products with Smarter, I’ve sadly been informed that this practise is frowned upon! Along the road I’ve written technical articles for online magazines, delivered Game Programming and Product Reliability lectures at the college and university level, sat on various technical panels intended to help shape the future of IoT and am currently studying a part-time Master’s Degree in High Reliability Embedded Systems.

As a manager, I’ve helped companies to forge unique relationships with suppliers and clients, opening up high-revenue and funding opportunities by inspiring confidence and tackling problems in a friendly, creative and innovative manner.

At Smarter we’re working hard to bring about the next generation of truly connected appliances and accessories to help achieve the seamless ‘just works’ vision of the Smart Home. We’re bringing all of our previous successes and experience to the table to make this happen, so that our customers can live a Smarter Life.

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