Alistair McCreath

Financial Expert and Planner in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Alistair McCreath is a known expert on the subject of wealth creation and eliminating debt. He is the Director of Wealth Today Pty Ltd; the company's Wealth Accelerator tool in particular promotes financial literacy through information on budgeting, paying of mortgages before retirement, and consolidation of debts.

Alistair has more than three decades of experience in financial planning. He contends that owning property is less volatile than stocks, and although they move more slowly, they are also more steady and reliable. In that sense, Alistair McCreath leads his clients to have better and more consistent returns, as well as leverage for borrowing and building a portfolio of tangible assets. He also teaches people to use their mortgages as a financial asset, helping to repay loans and save money for retirement.

Alistair is interested in Detroit, Michigan in particular for economic investments. As the city slowly recovers from economic turmoil and instability is addressed via infrastructure upgrades, industry injections, and government funding, the city is slowly rising back up towards its former glory. Alistair encourages people to invest in this up-and-coming market while real estate prices are still low enough to do so.

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