Alister Morgan

After a decade of print journalism working at The Independent I switched to digital, loved the frontier spirit and never looked back. I've held senior positions at TWI, RealNetworks, Bebo, AOL Europe & The Huffington Post UK before switching to agency side with content marketeers Seven before my current position as Forensik Consulting MD.

As a social media/digital publishing lead my remit always involves growing communities and cultivating conversations across owned and earned channels. Whether leveraging curated content, growing social followers, increasing brand engagement, cultivating user-generated-content, ATL marketing campaigns or PR/brand concerns - my goal remains consistent: make social media deliver measurable benefits to the business.

Yep, it's true - I get paid to spend time on Twitter and Facebook.

Aiming to be as social offline as online I'll happily travel for some fresh powder or to watch LFC play. When not connected to the Internet I perform 'entourage' duties for a beautiful wife and two young daughters.

I know far too much about Disney Princesses for a man my age but truth be told, it's all about the laydeez in my house...