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Name: Ali Taha Alnobani, poet, writer and civil society and humanrights activist. A member of Jordan writers society president of Friends of Development and Investment Society Date and place of birth: Jarash , 1968

I was born in 1968 to a poor family in Jerash - Jordan. I found myself with paralyzed feet. Later, I learned from my mother that I'm paralyzed because of the negligence of an employee at the state health center, who was responsible for the vaccination of children at that time.

My childhood was very sad, and I remember that my father made arduous efforts to save me from the fate that awaits children with disability. In my country, disabled children are placed in special centers and subjected to different types of abuse. My father tried at that time to get treatment for me in hospitals. He used to carry me on his back, then go by bus to the hospital in the capital, Amman. I was three years old, and after seeing many doctors, they convinced my father that there was no cure and taught me to use crutches to walk.

My father made my crutches manually from the harsh beech, cutting the wood at the carpenter's workshop and then soaking in water for several days until it became soft. Then he bent the wood and formed it into the shape of crutches, perforating it with an instrument made by his own hand. Each hole took an hour or more with a manual drill.

My father did not want me to use weak crutches, so he made them of the most powerful wood. He wanted me to be strong, like beech wood in the face of cruelty and difficulties of life.

It's along story but I will be brief.
When I became five, my father visited one of the charities to get a wheelchair. After three or four months, I sat in my new wheelchair, and around me was a group of charity members, Arabs and foreign volunteers, who applauded the scene. In this wheelchair, my father sent me to school every day over a winding road until I finished high school.

My father was a poet. I remember him reading his poems in the summer evenings under the dim light to the admiration of visitors. In fact, poetry occupies a high place in our culture, high and impressive. I watched the impact carefully.

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    • President of FDIS
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    • BA in Arabic Language and its literature
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