Ali Usman Kiyani

Hello everyone! I am student who almost wanders in college and try not to study. I was born in a Muslim family of Pakistan. Later on I moved towards Saudi Arabia and came back to my homie. While I was in a 5th or 4th Grade my brother bought an album of Metallica. Through which I with a speed of snail started knowing heavy metal. Now I am 17 and I know a pretty too much about heavy metal. Even though I love my religion it would be better to say, "obsessed to Islam". I believe in Jihad and I just want to work on it for Allah sake. I want to be a fiction writer and its my mega dream to be known as a"Writer of a bestseller". I have concept to make a Melodic Death Metal band with the theory of Islam and name it "AlQaeda". HEHE Crazy right?